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Measuring machines are multi-functional tools

Used measuring machines for your specific needs

Measuring machines are multi-functional tools for assessing the size of both objects and surfaces. By using lasers operating on x-, y- and z-axes, measuring machines can be used to measure straightness, parallelism, symmetry and surface area, among other things. Recent technological developments have given rise to a number of small, portable devices which are particularly handy for on-site work, but the wide range of shapes and sizes in which measuring machines are available makes it easy to find the perfect device for your individual needs.

LagerMaschinen: your online used machine marketplace

Measuring machines are essential in a range of fields and sectors. Measuring machines can be manually operated to offer a higher level of control or via direct computer control (DCC) for maximum efficiency. In terms of determining the geometric specifications of a work piece, measuring machines are the most effective and accurate tools for the job. Whats more, the portability of the smaller measuring machines lets you simply and easily take all the measurements you need precisely where you want to take them.

Shopping for used machines has never been easier

Nowadays, time and money are amongst the most valuable commodities available. If you want to minimize the cost to your company and maximize your efficiency, consider buying used machines online. LagerMaschinen is Europes leading machinery marketplace, offering you a massive selection of products like measuring machines, lathes, grinders and presses. You can browse used equipment by brand, location or price from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, guaranteeing a hassle-free machine shopping experience.

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