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Cold rolling mills for your metalworking needs

Are cold rolling mills right for your business?

Metal rolling is subdivided into two categories based on the temperature of the metal being formed. Cold rolling is the most prominent method of the cold-working processes. Cold rolling means that the temperature of the metal being shaped is below the temperature required for recrystalization. Cold rolling mills offer a higher surface quality and a more uniform thickness than other cold-working machinery. If youre in the market for cold rolling mills, check out the huge selection available at LagerMaschinen.

LagerMaschinen: the best online marketplace for used machines

Cold rolling has unique advantages for specific materials or situations. For example, materials with an exceptionally high melting point can be more easily manipulated using cold rolling mills. There are also metals which cannot be strengthened by other methods, such as copper and aluminium. Again, cold rolling mills are the ideal solution to these challenges. If youre business is in need of cold rolling mills or any other industrial metal working equipment, LagerMaschinen is the best place to shop for used equipment online.

Buying used machines saves you time and money

Shopping online for used machines has never been easier than it is at LagerMaschinen. This online marketplace for industrial equipment offers users a hassle free shopping experience. Shop for and compare products based on price, size, model or location and easily find the ideal used machinery for your needs. Buying used machines is a great way to make the most of your budget and your time. From cold rolling mills to cylindrical grinding machines, youll find an unbeatable selection at LagerMaschinen

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