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Lapping machines are crucial pieces of equipment in the finishing and polishing of material surfaces. Lapping machines operate by grinding an abrasive material such as diamond or emery and removing material from two surfaces, like glass or iron, situated on either side of the abrasive material. Lapping machines are used to produce precise levels of surface flatness and roughness. Lapping machines are typically quite small in comparison to other machinery and thereby suitable for both home workshop use and industrial settings.

Lapping machines save space, time and money

Lapping machines can be used to produce an exceptionally smooth and flat surface on a wide variety of materials. From brittle, fragile materials like glass or quartz to heavy metals like iron, lapping machines are versatile and efficient. Lapping is one of the main processes used in the field of optics, creating lenses for microscopes, telescopes, cameras and eyeglasses. Used lapping machines are a great investment for those looking to find an affordable high-quality machine. Browse the selection of used machines available at LagerMaschinen.

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Shopping online has never been easier than at LagerMaschinen. Our easy to use platform makes it easy to browse for used machines online from the comfort of your home and office. The days of waiting on hold to talk to sales people, sending away for information or being restricted to purchasing equipment in your area are over. At LagerMaschinen you are connected to the largest network of retailers and private sellers, offering everything from lapping machines to grinders. LagerMaschinen: your source for used machinery.

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