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          RS Sperling Maschinen  &  Industriebedarf  Bottrop von-Braun-Str. 20 Deutschland

          Cooling lubricant / coolant emulsion

          Sperling TCV Kühlschmierstoff 25 l

          RS Sperling

          Maschinen & Industriebedarf
          von-Braun-Str. 20 · 46244 - Bottrop
          +49 (0) 2045 / 41 43 22-0
          +49 (0) 2045 / 41 43 22-9

          Machine data

          TypeCooling lubricant / coolant emulsion
          TypeTCV Kühlschmierstoff 25 l
          Date of construction2021
          Storage locationBottrop
          Country of originGermany
          Delivery timeon request
          Delivery termsex warehouse

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          025 l
          Mixing ratio1 : 20 0
          fertility500 l


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          Additional information

          Areas of application: turning, drilling, milling; Cutting; Grinding,

          Properties: Sperling Compact TCV is a water-miscible cooling lubricant,
          formulated with aromatics, highly refined base oils.
          Special emulsifiers ensure an excellent performance spectrum and result
          in a semi-transparent emulsion. For this reason, Sperling Kompakt TCV is
          long-term stable and ensures high corrosion protection even at low
          concentrations. Particularly selected AW additives allow machining at high
          cutting speeds.

          Mixing ratios: Light cutting processes: 1: 20
          Heavy cutting processes: 1: 15
          Very heavy cutting processes: 1: 10

          On this page you will find a an offer on a used Cooling lubricant / coolant emulsion of type TCV Kühlschmierstoff 25 l of the company Sperling with year of construction 2021 and with stock no.: 1100-16504. The machine is manufactured by the company RS Sperling Maschinen & Industriebedarf from 46244 Bottrop offered. The delivery time / delivery status for this machine is: on request For more information, please refer to the details listed.

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          Cooling lubricant / coolant emulsion

          Cooling lubricant / coolant emulsion

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