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          Milling machines

          The right used metal processing machines at LagerMaschinen.de

          Used metal processing machines for every occasion

          Metalworking comprises a variety of applications involving the manipulation of metal from large-scale production of metals including lathing milling and cutting to smaller operations such as jewellery working. No matter the application used metal processing machines present an ideal way of obtaining the equipment you need at a price you can afford. Used metal processing machines such as milling machines can be manually operated or using computer numeric control which increases the overall precision of the machine. The type of used metal processing machines you need depends on the applications you use but at LagerMaschinen.de you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

          The right machine for every field of application

          Used metal processing machines can be used in several fields. Companies active in the computer industry can obtain used metal processing machines for circuit board soldering and companies that need to bond different pieces can find the welding machines that they need. If your company is in the business of making the precision parts needed to make other precision machines then used grinding machines can be a great way to expand or refurbish your production lines. Used metal processing machines can also be found for lathing drilling milling and several other uses.

          Used equipment from LagerMaschinen.de

          No matter the type of equipment you will find the used metal processing machines you need at LagerMaschinen.de. With its international network of suppliers this platform can provide you with the used metal processing machines you need at a price you can afford.

          Automatic Milling Machines provide fast and accurate work

          Automatic milling machine basics: horizontal vertical cutting fluid

          An automatic milling machine is any machine generally used for cutting larger scales of material (usually wood or metal) with extreme precision. Automatic milling machines are normally classified by their orientation either horizontal or vertical. Rather than a drill press which remains static the milling machine also moves the object being cut and the blade cuts on both the tip and the sides. Additionally milling machines are normally accompanied by some sort of cutting fluid to facilitate clean cuts and precision in the milling process.

          Milling machine types - finding the correct machine for your business.

          There are now many different varieties of automatic milling machines largely differentiated by the construction of their spindles. Ranging from the basic box mill a small countertop model largely used by hobbyists to the jig borer (accurate within .0001) to the large industrial C-frame mill you can find the right milling machine for your business needs. These machines can be refitted with fresh blades in the event that the used machine you buy has a dull blade.

          Computer Numerical Control

          While milling machines were originally controlled manually the majority of current automatic milling machines are controlled through a computer system called the Computer Numerical Control or CNC. The CNC System ensures uniformity throughout the end product as well as lowering the time needed for each piece of output. In recent years the popularity of CNC machines has led to a drop in price. These days Computer Numerical Control machines are widely available for various functions.